Chips and Dips

Chips and Dips

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Traditional icon

Traditional Tortilla Chips

Sometimes, nothin’ beats the classics. Our Traditional Tortilla Chips use authentic recipes and premium ingredients for that signature flaky texture and crispy bite.

Group Homestyle Thick & Crispy
Open uri20200715 4 761r69?1594838617 Tortilla Rounds
Open uri20200715 4 6etsmp?1594838613 Café Style
Open uri20200715 4 8dyu17?1594838614 Cantina Thins
Layer 3 Café Lightly Salted
Open uri20200715 4 194sywx?1594838615 Fiesta Dippin’ Chips
Flavored icon

Flavored Tortilla Chips

For when you’re craving that classic crunch but want to treat your taste buds to a little something extra, our flavored tortilla chips are yours for the snackin’. We take our signature crispy chips and add unique blends of spices for a variety of unforgettable flavors.

Layer 2 Café Style Salsa Flavored Chips
Queso front 720x900 Café Style Queso Flavored Chips
Organic icon

Organic Chips and Dips

For over 20 years, we’ve perfected the art of the tortilla chip. And now, we’re doing it organically. Made with just three ingredients — Organic Corn, Organic Expeller-Pressed Oil and Sea Salt, our organic chips are simple and delicious.

Open uri20200715 4 17pg0vg?1594838646 Organic Blue Rounds
Open uri20200715 4 1gljuz7?1594838637 Organic Blue Traditional Style
Dips icon


Chips & Dip: an unbeatable pair. Each of our salsas are crafted with just the right cut of wholesome veggies and perfect amount of crunch. Enjoy them with your favorite chips or as a topping.

Open uri20200715 4 jkc19s Chunky Salsa - Medium
Group Salsa Con Queso
Medium Original Salsa - Medium
Open uri20200715 4 9c8gkx Guacamole Salsa
Group 2 Monterey Jack White Queso
Hot salsa 16 oz rgb rev20 min Original Salsa - Hot
Squeeze guac Squeeze Guacamole Salsa
Squeeze salsa Squeeze Red Salsa
Open uri20200715 4 qje5i7 Cantina Salsa - Medium
Mild Original Salsa - Mild
Open uri20200715 4 b7rjvp Cantina Salsa - Mild
Squeeze queso Squeeze Queso
Open uri20200715 4 hyeotv Chunky Salsa - Mild
Dip front resized Spicy Jalapeño Queso